CUUPS Officers for 2017-18

At today’s business meeting, a record turnout of Denton CUUPS members elected the following people to serve as officers for the 1-year term beginning November 1.

Coordinating Officer: Hannah Nutt

Events Coordinator: Brea Henson

Membership Officer: Linda Masten, Emily Pearson, and Adam Henson (co-officers)

Treasurer: Cynthia Talbot

Education Officer: William Nutt and Morgan Milburn (co-officers)

Communication & Technology Officer: Rhys O’Brien and Gabrielle Milburn (co-officers)

Recording Officer: Gwenyth Robicheaux

Please congratulate our incoming officers and give them your support as they lead our CUUPS group in the coming year.

Also, please give your thanks to those officers who are stepping down this year: Bonnie Davidson, Erin Kane, Russell Griffin, and Debbie Griffin. As I announced in April, I am also stepping down at the conclusion of this term on October 31.

John Beckett
Coordinating Officer