what we do

We conduct public circles on the eight major celebrations of the Wheel of the Year, usually on the Saturday closest to the actual date.  See our calendar for exact dates and times.

We conduct classes and workshops, to grow our skills and deepen our spiritual practices, and to share our path with seekers.

We do roadside cleanups under the Keep Denton Beautiful Adopt-a-Spot program six times each year. We have adopted Fulton Street from Crescent to University.  Most cleanups begin at 12:45 PM on a Sunday, after the DUUF second service.  Hot weather cleanups (June and August) begin at 8:30 AM. See our calendar for exact dates and times.

We lead the occasional Sunday service at the Denton UU Fellowship, adding our unique perspective to Unitarian Universalist worship.

Denton CUUPS Coordinating Officer John Beckett speaking on “Reclaiming Your Sovereignty”

We go camping once or twice a year.  Paganism is a Nature religion and there’s nothing like spending time in the woods to help us reconnect to our Source.

We conduct private ceremonies, rites of passage, and other workings as the need and inspiration arise.

funeral for James Stevens, beloved CUUPS member who passed into the Otherworld June 16, 2010