New Mission and Vision draft

Below is the current draft of our revised Mission and Vision statement. We discussed it at our Spring Business Meeting – the membership asked the officers to make some revisions, which we did.

We will vote on approving this statement at our Fall Business Meeting on October 15.

Denton CUUPS Mission and Vision 2017


The Denton Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans is a covenant group for UUs, Pagans, and friends with an interest in Pagan and Nature-centered spirituality. We welcome all who come in love and friendship to celebrate, learn, and serve with us. We are united by our commitment to UU values and our support of the Denton UU Fellowship.


Denton CUUPS is a home for all expressions of Paganism in alignment with UU values. We present public rituals that facilitate religious experience and meaning for our members and guests. We study, practice, and teach our religions and their sources, both ancient and contemporary.

We value Nature, our experiences of Nature, and our relationships with Nature.

We have a diversity of thoughts and beliefs about deities and spirits, and we recognize the inherent uncertainty in such matters. Nevertheless, we explore deities and spirits deeply and we form and maintain honorable relationships with them however we understand them, both together and on our own, even as we remain open to new ideas, new practices, and new experiences.

We work together to build a respectful and caring local community of friends and allies dedicated to supporting each other on our spiritual journeys and to building a better world here and now. We support our community by living in alignment with our Pagan values and by contributing our time and treasure as we are able.