coming to a circle

If you’ve never been to a Pagan circle before you may wonder what to expect.  Here are some common questions and answers.

You’ll notice our announcements usually say “gathering begins at 7:00 PM and the ritual begins promptly at 7:30.”  This means you should feel free to arrive any time between 7:00 and 7:30.  “Gathering time” is for socializing, settling in, meditation or anything else you’d like to do before the ritual starts.  We do not observe “Pagan Standard Time” – if the ritual is supposed to start at 7:30, it will start at 7:30.

Most of our circles run 45 to 50 minutes, though some will be a little shorter and some a little longer.

Most of our circles are suitable for children 10 and up, and we especially welcome children who are interested in Pagan religion.  Younger children frequently have trouble sitting quietly through meditations, so we usually have child care available.  Check the announcement or contact the circle leader to be sure.

Pagans tend to express their individuality in their ritual dress, and you are likely to see people wearing robes, kilts, medieval costumes, and lots of jewelry.  You’ll also see people in jeans and t-shirts.  If you have magical clothing by all means wear it, but if not wear something you’d be comfortable wearing to a movie or a casual restaurant and you’ll be fine.  And remember this is Texas – check the weather before you decide what to wear.

As Nature loving Pagans, we prefer to hold our circles outdoors.  But it’s hard to keep your mind on the beauty of Nature when you’re freezing, or when it’s 110°.  Generally, circles in moderate weather will be held outdoors, while circles in more extreme weather will be inside.  It’s also easier to hear indoors, which can be important during guided meditations.  Check the announcement or contact the circle coordinator to be sure.

Social Hour
Most people hang around after the ritual to talk to friends and make new friends.  If you have questions (about the ritual, about Paganism, about Unitarian Universalism, or about most anything else) this is the time to ask.  Look for the ritual leader or one of the CUUPS Officers.

We have food and drink after the ritual.  It’s potluck, but it usually runs somewhere between “heavy snacks” and “full meal.”  If it’s your first time you don’t need to bring anything.

Of course we understand if you have to leave right after the ritual is over, but we hope you’ll stick around, enjoy some food and let us get to know you better.

Please don’t take pictures without talking to the circle leader. There are times when photography is OK and times when it’s not – please ask first. Denton CUUPS usually has someone taking pictures for our website and Facebook page – if you don’t want to be photographed, please talk to the circle leader or the person with the camera. We’ll be happy to accommodate you.