New CUUPS Officers and By-laws Changes

Denton CUUPS held its Fall Social Gathering and business meeting on October 15. Our membership approved two by-laws changes, our slate of officers for 2016-17, and our 2017 circle calendar.

Bylaws Changes.  A modification to Article IV: Chapter Officers was approved that revises the duties of the Events Coordinator and creates two new positions, a Recording Officer and a Communications & Technology Officer.

A modification to Article XII: Adoption and Amendment was adopted that explicitly allows for electronic voting.

The following officers were elected:

  • Coordinating Officer: John Beckett
  • Events Coordinator: Russell Griffin
  • Membership Officer: Linda Masten
  • Education Officer: Wren Kelley and William Nutt
  • Treasurer: Debbie Griffin
  • Recording Officer: Bonnie Davidson
  • Communication & Technology Officer: Tezra O’Brien and Hannah Nutt

The 2017 calendar will be posted shortly.

Please congratulate the new officers on their election, and support them in their duties in the coming year.

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I grew up in Tennessee with the woods right outside my back door. Wandering through them gave me a sense of connection to Nature and a love for hills and trees. I’ve been a member of CUUPS since 2003. I’m the Coordinating Officer of Denton CUUPS, Vice President of CUUPS National, a Druid graduate of OBOD, an ordained priest in the Universal Gnostic Church, and a member of the DUUF Worship Committee. You can find me on my blog at or via e-mail at

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