CUUPS Officer Elections

At our Fall Social Gathering and 2016 Planning Meeting last Sunday, Denton CUUPS elected officers for the 2015-16 chapter year which begins on November 1.

John Beckett was re-elected Coordinating Officer, Bonnie Davidson was re-elected Events Coordinator, and Cynthia Talbot was re-elected Treasurer.

Linda Masten was elected Membership Officer, resuming a position she held two years ago. Wren Kelly and Roq Hodge will share the Education Officer slot. In addition to coordinating CUUPS classes and monitoring community announcements for educational opportunities, Roq and Wren will look for ways to expand our community outreach and our social media presence.

We also approved our 2016 calendar – it’s available on our Circles and Service page.

Labyrinth Prep

We build our spiral labyrinth with tea candles and baby food jars.  All but a few of the jars haven’t been used since the last labyrinth four years ago, and they’ve been sitting in old cardboard boxes in a not-too-secure storage shed all that time.  They were dirty.

Samhain 2015 prep 01So we brought them home, cleaned them out, and washed them.  They’re not clean enough to put food in, but they’ll be bright and clear with a new candle in them, and there are no dry leaves or dead bugs to catch on fire when we light them.

Samhain 2015 prep 04There was an unintended blood sacrifice.  The metal base of the old tea candles is sharp if you catch it at the right angle… and I did.

See you all at Samhain on Saturday, October 31!

Samhain 2015 prep 05